Anti-pirate law came into force August 1st

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The law against the distribution of illegal content in the web has come into force but it refers only to film distribution for now.


According to the law on intellectual property protection which came into force today Moscow City Court is going to consider the cases on blocking pirate content in the web with ability to direct execution writs to the Russian Agency on Communications Control (Roskomnadzor).

Meanwhile Roskomnadzor is launching a website where numerous pirates’ websites are going to be listed. The agency is supposed to find the Internet provider which holds the server for a website listed in court writ. The agency warns the provider and orders it to take certain steps. If the illegal content isn’t moved off website in 24 hours the provider must block access to it. If the provider doesn’t do it, the website or URL-address must be blocked by telecom carrier.

The law considers only the distribution of films for now. Legislators will figure out how to block access to illegal distribution of music, literature and software this fall.

By Elizabeth Sadkova

Translated by Daniil Suprunchuk

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