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Driving regulations will change on the 6th of August

 Ольга Рычкова для ОК Ольга Рычкова для ОК The official legal information website has published the Russian Government decree #621 dated July 23rd “Amendments to the driving regulations of the Russian Federation”. The statute is coming to force in a week. The decree will come into force in 7 days after it’s published. This means August the 6th 2013. Information is published on Road Police website. For information, according to the new amendments to driving regulations the drivers are allowed to exceed speed limit on some roads if road situation allows them to do so. Speed limit increases to 130 km/h on highways and up to 110 km/h on other out-of-town motorways. Moreover, the new regulations are changing some rules concerning parking, trucks, buses and road signs. The changes are showing some tendency towards the Russian regulations being more similar to those in Europe. By Irina Nikitina Translated by Daniil Suprunchuk
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