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The Ukrainian opposition admitted being financed by the West

 Павел Волков для ОК Павел Волков для ОК The leader of a radical Ukrainian organization “The Right Sector” Dmitro Iarosh has lately made a statement confirming that fact.

“The Right Sector” claimed responsibility for “Euromaidan”. The radicals’ self-organized “Maidan defence squad” numbers about ten thousand persons. They are training nearby – in the infamous Kiev Independence Squire – in order to be ready for repelling Ukrainian special forces. Radicals supported by the Afghan War veterans have recently come to an agreement with the Ukrainian officials over the issue of discharging the detained activists. They promised to unblock the administrative blocks in return.   

- It is “The Right Sector” that is being supported from abroad - said Dmitro Iarosh – They send parcels and bring goods themselves.

The leader of another Ukrainian protest group “The Common Cause” Aleksandr Danilyuk was forced to flee Kiev. The man behind the capture of two Ukrainian ministers landed up in London, where he told the BBC Russia that he had had to leave because there had been several attempts to arrest him.   

Aleksandr Danilyuk claims to have crossed the Ukrainian border on foot and then aim for London for at that time he has already had a British Visa. Now his organization will switch from seizing the administrative blocks to blocking the administrative agencies.

The Ukrainian opposition’s statement on western help were not sensational for many a man. For example, the State Duma deputy and leader of the “Rodina” party Aleksey Djuravlev has been saying for a while that the power behind the unfolding Ukrainian confrontation between the supports of the president Victor Yanukovitch and the opposition are the ultra radical organizations guided from abroad.

The manifesto that was signed at the Slavic anti-fascist Front congress yesterday states that the aim the “Euromaidan” as the delegates see it is as follows: to prevent the development of the Russia-Ukraine integration and to create a “horrific neo-fascism, Russo phobia and anti-Semitism reservation” within the territory of Ukraina.

According to Aleksey Djuravlev, the Slavic anti-fascist Front was created to become the response of Russian communities, Russian-speaking citizens and Russian compatriots as well as all the other sound forces both in Ukraine and Russia to the “Euromaidan” and the aggressive attacks committed by the Russo phobic, neo-fascist and pro-Western liberal forces.

OK-inform’s photo reporter Pavel Volkov is now at the ukrainian Independence Squire. According to him, the scene he saw hit like a ton of bricks. To find out what exactly he found out in Kiev you can see his photo-report. 

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