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Evgenii Plushenko pulled out from the Olympic Games and announced his career’s end

 Фото: Владимир Песня/РИА Новости Фото: Владимир Песня/РИА Новости World-famous figure skater based his decision on his injury during the warm-up activities. “My career is finished. Despite the fact that my age is still not a factor, I suppose that 12 surgeries is too much – Evgenii Plushenko told – Yesterday I fell while performing the fourfold toe loop and three-and-a-half axel. I felt some problems, but it then seemed to me that all was going to be well. I had already experienced that kind of complications before the Olympics. When I woke up today I felt some stiffness in my back’s muscles, especially in the right one. We then went to do some skating, warmed up and it all seemed ok. But when I came onto the ice, I just could not make a jump. I skated for seven minutes only. Thought that it was a mere trifle, it was just the morning and that I would recover from it, maybe take some pills. I expected a wonder to happen. But when you can’t feel your own right leg your whole body rebels and your head just stops working.” “I just think it’s Our Lord saying “Evgeniy, you have had enough. Enough of figure skating.” added the world-famous figure skater later.
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