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Unique Olympics-themed stamps were introduced in Sochi

A brand new set of stamps depicting the Soci-2014 Olympian medals was introduced in Olympic Games host city.

The new set of stamps includes three separate stamps. Each one bears the pictures of Olympic prizes – the gold, silver and bronze medals that will be awarded to the Olympic winners respectively.

A set of metallic paints – the gold-bronze ink, the silver one and the bronzen one – were used to create the new stamps which makes them even more unique. At the stamps’ franking solemnities that took place at the post office of the Olympics-2014 media centre today the audience was told what kind of special metallic paints were used during the stamps’ manufacturing and how does that fact make the whole set unique.

The new set’s total print is 150 thousand stamps. The face value of the stamp depicting bronze medal is 25 rubles (about 0.73$), the silver one – 50 rubles (about 1.45$) and the gold one – 75 rubles (about 2.2$).

The Olympic theme – the “Shaiba” (Puck) ice arena, the “Laura” skiing and biathlon complex, the “Fisht” Olympic stadium, the “Bolshoi” (Big one) ice arena – is also widely used in other philatelic goods such as envelopes and postcards. 

There are 45 stamps with various themes on them, 41 illustrated pre-stamped envelopes (with more than 1 million copies of each one printed) and 15 illustrated post cards, all released to coincide with the Olympic Games’ opening. According to the Russian Post officials the release of all the abovementioned Olympic and Paralympic Games themed philatelic goods will greatly promote Sochi all around the world.

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