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Evan Lysacek: joking on Plushenko is unacceptable

 Анна Сергеева/РИА Новости Анна Сергеева/РИА Новости The world-famous American figure skaters Evan Lysacek (the Vancouver-2010 Olympian champion) and Rachael Flatt (the last winter Olympic Games’ participant) are currently visiting Saint Petersburg.

Yesterday the famed American athletes taught a master class at the “Anniversary” sports palace and visited The State Hermitage, where they took a glimpse at its outstanding art collection. Today Evan Lysacek and Rachel Flatt answered numerous questions during press-conference at the ITAR-TASS news agency.

“I flew in from Sochi after having 11 wonderful days there. I really enjoyed the Olympic Games, the experience I gained while working as a commentator is invaluable. The Games really impressed me greatly. We talked a lot with the figure skater from the United States and they pointed out the brilliant organization of the Olympics too” – Evan Lysacek said.

According to the Vancouver-2010 Olympic champion, the sad incident with Evgenii Plushenko who was one of the indisputable favorites of the Olympics disappointed everyone: both the audience and the figure skating specialists were very sad about it.

“I believe that Plushenko did his best. He is one of the greatest athletes ever, and he contributed heavily to the Russian team’s general performance in Sochi. He used to be the ideal for me, then we competed, and nowadays I must admit that I have great respect for that man and am a fan of his huge talent” – stressed the American figure skater.

I believe that Plushenko did his best. He is one of the greatest athletes ever, and he contributed heavily to the Russian team’s general performance in Sochi.

He stated further that the most important thing for anyone who goes in for figure skating is the ability to concentrate on the things that are of real importance, to make the right keynote and after that to show your best result.  

“Apart from Plushenko I can’t point out anyone to possess those qualities that are so much needed for in sport” – Mr. Lysacek stated.

When asked to comment on the statement by the Russian policy maker Vladimir Zhirinovsky related to Evgenii Plushenko  (after the latter quitted the Olympics) Evan Lysacek said that “joking on Plushenko is unacceptable, for he is a great athlete and we should meet the conclusion of his career without scandalous statements of any kind”.

Mr. Lysacek’s fellow traveler Rachel Flatt charmed everybody with her sweater’s design and color which reminded some of the clothes favored by the characters of “The Sun Valley Serenade”

“It goes without saying that the idea you’ve spotted does have a solid basis for this image was created by Ralf Loren whose aim was to embody both history and culture. I know for a fact that this design caught many American athletes’ fancy” – Rachel Flatt admitted with a smile on her face.

The famed figure skater appreciated the fantastic capabilities of the Russian figure skater Julia Lipnitskaia who became the Olympic Champion in Sochi-2014. According to Rachel Flatt, Julia Lipnitskaia showed high-level consistency in her performance during the last year’s events.

“Your figure skater is almost flawless. She is incredibly flexible. As we can see she is more than capable to deal with anxiety and psychological pressing – even in her years. She can be a match for any of the more aged and experienced athletes. She possesses the energy of youth that helps her to achieve great results” – Rachel Flatt told our correspondent.

Evan Lysacek demonstrated the journalists his Vancouver-2010 Olympic gold medal, that could have belonged to Evgenii Plushenko. It was the americal athlete who was the first there while the Russian one was only the second.


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