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Baghdad, Belgrade… Belgorod?

 Фото: Андрей Стенин/РИА Новости Фото: Андрей Стенин/РИА Новости Many of us did their best to keep themselves blind to the American bombardment of the Iraq’s capital – Baghdad. The majority of us were puzzled over the fact that NATO forces were destroying the capital of Yugoslavia – Belgrade. And it is today that the West started the active phase of actions affecting our country – disguised as “the fight for freedom” in Ukraine. The Russian city of Belgorod is situated next to the Ukrainian border – therefore if the NATO-backed peace enforcers are to be deployed in Ukraine, it is that city that will have every chance to become the next target of the so-called “western democracy”. 

Yesterday the Ukrainian special forces started an operation to secure the Kiev downtown by driving out of the heart of the ancient capital of Rus the unruly mobs of those western-minded “maidan supporters” who are sure to be casting doom and civil war over the young Ukrainian state. It all started after some more blatant provocations committed by the “orange opposition” forces. A vast number of people who started forgetting about the Ukrainian crisis, favoring the Sochi-2014 winter Olympic Games instead, were shocked to watch th active hostilities live on TV and thumb through numerous pictures of the dead and the injured in the Internet.

The members of the Ukrainian “fifth column” are gleefully rubbing their hands over that fact. Many journalists in Saint Petersburg have recently received via e-mail lots of photos of the injured civilians and “victims of special forces’ brutality” during the night clashes – all of them labeled as “burning, urgent and breaking news”. Still there are no references to the injuries and casualties among the special forces and police officers. Meanwhile the Ministry of Interior’s hospital in Kiev is packed to and over capacity. The officers who were injured or even crippled by the so-called “peaceful protestors” are being transferred to the Ministry of Defense hospitals. Many of them suffer from gunshot wounds.

It goes without saying that the Army of Ukraine must interfere in the situation to prevent further casualties. The radical forces who were reckless enough to raise their hands on public authorities and officers, who spat on the future of their motherland and its people, who lost their sense of reality to delusions of grandeur must be brought to senses with hard and strong-arm actions. 

“I am sure that the order will be restored in Ukraine. I am sure as well that both the central squire (the infamous “Maidan”) and the surrounding buildings will be cleansed. And afterwards the country will finally enjoy peace. It is then when we will be able to deal with other burning issues like restoring the economy and so on” – the Rada (Ukrainian parliament) deputy Oleg Tsarev wrote.

The Russian want to believe that very much. For if that is not the case then the spirit of “Maidan” will come to us. And in that case the keen agitators will surely be soon followed by the NATO forces in our streets. It is not that, what we age longing for. It is not what Russia needs at all. We want Belgorod to remain the symbol of Russia and harmonious Slavic commonwealth of nations in general. 

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