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  • Sochi-2014: the fans are behaving well

    The 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing. Thousands of fans from all over the world came to its host city.

  • Sochi-2014: Chelyabinsk meteorite, amber and down-shawls

    Only a few were lucky enough to attend the Olympic Games in Sochi this winter, while the majority of fans are following the Olympics on TV. Those, who succeeded in visiting the southern Russian city to support their teams, enjoy some really varied programmes of entertainment. There are all kinds of expositions on the Sochi Olympic Park’s grounds and all of them are happy and willing to blazon forth both the Russian and foreign goods and services. In some way it all is similar to the famous Exhibitions of National Achievements of the XX century. You’re welcome to all we have The tourists who made it to the Olympics have got a unique chance to have a look at the latest things from the world’s leading brands. One is allowed to enter all the sales exhibitions as well as the other events that take place at the Olympic Park only on showing the fan’s passport. - I was still very young in 1980, when our country held the Olympics, but I can nevertheless remember the excitement of watching the sport events, of supporting our team. I had to be saving money for quite a time in order to afford this trip to Sochi – Andrei Semenov from the Orenburg Region told us – But I am happy to be a part of such a great historic event, which is sure to be spoken of for years. I take every chance to visit not only the sport events, but also all those expositions. There is so much of interest in here! The Russian regions show Despite the abundance of different shows it is the Russian Region exposition which occupies the ground floor of the Formula-1 stadium complex that stirs the greatest interest among the citizens of Russia. And a great show indeed that is! Each region equipped its display area at the state-of-the-art level. One can behold the most prominent sights of each region on the illuminated panels. Next to them, an exhibition of national habits adjoins a collection of folk crafts from this or that region.  There is a never ending excitement for everything in here – everyone longs for having his or her picture taken in front of Moldovan national costume, ultra fine down-shawls from the Orenburg Region or any of the other gaping-stock exhibited here. To make it short, each and every region did its best to show something that makes it different from all the rest and that is its so to say trademark. The things Russian regions are proud of It takes several hours to stroll over the whole exposition of Russian regions. All those who visited it pointed out that a great sense of pride in our vast country grew in them after a long walk around the Formula-1 pavilion for there is so much in each and every corner of Russia to be interested in, keen on or proud of. To make a good example let us mention the world-famous amber handicrafts from Kaliningrad Region. They are real pieces of art that leave no one cold.  The eight kilos meteorite from Chelyabinsk that is also exhibited in here attracts great attention among the foreigners and citizens alike. There are always dozens of people from all over the world – Canadians, Japanese, Americans, Byelorussians – not to mention the Russians – swarming around it, for nobody knows if there will be another chance in his or her lifetime to see a real meteorite in person. Everyone wants to take a picture in front of it to make friends and family jealous!   Souvenirs and reminiscences The organizing committee of the Russian regions exposition did their best to get the visitors’ under skin. There is a themed show from different the regions taking place every day – all kinds of entertainers and artists made their way from the four corners of Russia to give their plays here. All those willing can get free souvenirs and fridgies. If lucky enough, you can get a whole collection consisting of fridgies from all over Russia!  

  • Evgenii Plushenko pulled out from the Olympic Games and announced his career’s end

    World-famous figure skater based his decision on his injury during the warm-up activities. “My career is finished. Despite the fact that my age is still not a factor, I suppose that 12 surgeries is too much – Evgenii Plushenko told – Yesterday I fell while performing the fourfold toe loop and three-and-a-half axel. I felt some problems, but it then seemed to me that all was going to be well. I had already experienced that kind of complications before the Olympics. When I woke up today I felt some stiffness in my back’s muscles, especially in the right one. We then went to do some skating, warmed up and it all seemed ok. But when I came onto the ice, I just could not make a jump. I skated for seven minutes only. Thought that it was a mere trifle, it was just the morning and that I would recover from it, maybe take some pills. I expected a wonder to happen. But when you can’t feel your own right leg your whole body rebels and your head just stops working.” “I just think it’s Our Lord saying “Evgeniy, you have had enough. Enough of figure skating.” added the world-famous figure skater later.

  • Sochi-2014: the Korean-born member of team Russia Victor Ahn added a bronze medal to our team’s collection

    Yesterday on the 10th of February was the third medal-awarding day of the XXII Winter Olympics Sochi-2014. Five sets of medals were competed over: women’s alpine skiing, men’s speed skating, men’s biathlon, men’s freestyle skiing and men’s short-track 1500m speed skating.

  • Russia opened the first Winter Olympic Games in its history

    The official grand opening ceremony of the XXII Winter Olympic Games took place in Sochi at the “Fisht” stadium.

  • Sochi-2014: Plushenko skated a record, Rakhimova qualified for the final, Sobolev shot a video of his own downhill

    The XXII winter Olympic Games started a day before the official grand opening ceremony. Figure skaters, snowboarders and the most skilled freestylers competed in Sochi today.

  • Come on, Russia! Keep the faith!
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