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Sochi-2014: the fans are behaving well

 Фото: Алексей Филиппов/РИА Новости Фото: Алексей Филиппов/РИА Новости The 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing. Thousands of fans from all over the world came to its host city.

Passions run high during sport events at the Olympic stadiums. Still, nothing goes beyond the bounds of decency. Despite being happy or on the contrary upset with their idols’ results, the fans have not committed any molestation yet.

The Sochi Olympic park as well as the city as a whole is well-guarded. The Games’ guests point out that the atmosphere is casual around the city; there are no drunkards to be seen at the streets. Further more – there seem to be even no smokers there!

There are special smoking areas within the Olympic park. As to the city, those fond of smoking prefer not to do it in public places.  

One can tell guests from one country from those from the other thanks to national flags. Some fans prefer carrying their national flags with their favorite athlete’s name written on them. To tell the truth, fans do always have lots in common and therefore enjoy a common ground to talk over – they get acquainted with each other, discuss their idol’s rises and falls. The atmosphere around the city is a very friendly and positive one.

- We dearly hope that there will be no unfortunate incidents even during the most thrilling hockey events – Ilia Panphilov, a security firm employee currently working at the Olympics says – It is well known that confrontation and even skirmishes between fans of different teams used to happen in the aftermath of hockey and football games. Still, we expect nothing of that kind here in Sochi. I want to make an emphasis on the fact that the fans are all behaving very well. Besides there are lots of people who are keeping an eye on them in here.

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