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Street fighting goes full blast in Kiev, and there are casualties

The ceasefire agreement proved to be shaky in the Ukrainian capital. Today a new outbreak of violent strife started and it is already known that there are five casualties at the least. The number of injured in action rose beyond a hundred.

Chaos reigned at the streets of the Ukrainian capital today: heavy smoke from burning tyres filled the streets, municipal transport ceased functioning, the majority of shop windows were barred and there were endless skirmishers between the protestors and law-enforcement units in the streets. The rioters threw heavy stones at the policemen, the latter answered with sound bombs.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense warned the opposition members responsible for occupying the Officer’s Club that a military operation was not an impossible deed now. The Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Victor Pshonka announced that both the organizers and the instigators responsible for the new wave of mass unrest in the Kiev’s downtown at February 18th will be brought to account.

It is known that the opposition forces demand that a legislation draft on returning to the 2004 Constitution of Ukraine must be added to the governmental agenda.

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